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1、 Quantity and content. The fierce competition makes it more difficult for the company to publicize. To do well in the printing of publicity samples, we need accurate quantity and complete content. There are often some activities such as exhibitions. To achieve the purpose of publicity, we must grasp the quantity well and the content should be attractive enough. If the quantity is not accurate, it will lead to waste or publicity is not in place.
2、 Raw materials and planning. Avoid blindly seeking grade, and confirm the grade of raw materials according to the enterprise and distribution target. Generally speaking, high-end consumer goods have higher requirements for samples, while heavy industrial products have much lower requirements, and the audience pays more attention to the content itself. In some service industries, such as real estate agency, the pace of adjustment is faster. In addition to the cover and enterprise introduction content, real estate information simply uses the right and wrong loose leaf sample.
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3、 How to distribute. In general, the distribution channels mainly include exhibition distribution, channel implementation and product collection. Among them, it is difficult to grasp the target of exhibition distribution, especially the comprehensive exhibition on mass consumer goods. Excessive distribution results in great waste, while accurate distribution fails to grasp consumption targets and miss business opportunities. From the comprehensive exhibitions of some consumer goods I have seen, many businesses pay more attention to the display of products themselves, while the distribution of samples is relatively weak.
In terms of function, the product collection is undoubtedly better, and the distribution function is accurate. However, the development of potential consumer groups is relatively limited, and the transmission path of samples is not ideal. The way to carry out is more complex, there are practical significance in the way of business, but also advertising channels
However, the general goal is relatively clear, which is conducive to expanding potential consumer groups.
4、 After sales follow-up, this process is very important and necessary.